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Immediately, the word ‘Tuscany tour” conjures up images of rolling green hills, delicious red wine, mouth-watering cuisine and charming medieval settlements. While Pisa, San Gimignano, Siena and Florence are undoubtedly stunning, there’s so much more to Tuscany. What about, for example, the beautiful countryside, or the mesmerizing Chianti region? Imagine for a moment that you could live like a local, seeing sides of Tuscany that most tourists will never see. Imagine if you could witness all of this and discover a whole host of hidden secrets along the way. Thanks to our authentic Tuscany tour packages, now you can.


Who are we?

A proud part of Tuscany Untouched Pty Ltd, Tuscany Tour provides an unrivalled travel experience delivers a rare opportunity to its guests. Under the expert guidance of Matteo, who was born and raised in Tuscany, our guests can explore this beautiful area in a new and unique way. Venturing off the beaten track and away from the well-trodden tourist routes, you’ll be shown areas of Tuscany that most visitors simply don’t get a chance to see. Taking you deep into the heart of Tuscany, our tours and travel packages put you in touch with the locals and allow you to experience real Tuscan culture. We’ll show you all that Tuscany has to offer, visiting areas of natural beauty like none other.

Our Goal

Our goal is simple: we want to surprise and delight you. We aim to create an experience so magical, you never want to go home.

The Tuscany Untouched team works very hard to exceed your expectations.  As soon as you arrive, you’ll be part of our Tuscan family. This isn’t a traditional tour; it’s the start of a wonderful friendship between you, us and incredible, breathtaking Tuscany.


Tuscany Tours, Small Group Tours
Small Group Tours

 We are all about quality, not quantity. Our tours in Tuscany have been designed to guarantee intimated experiences for our guests with no more than 8 people per tour and to ensure everyone gets the exact same level of service.

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Expert local guides

 All tours are fully escorted by a local English speaking guide with specialized and unique knowledge of the ares. Plus, every place you visit will be run by locals, so you will be fully immersed in our culture and way of life.

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Tuscany Tours, Five Start Quality Service
Five star quality service

Having worked in tourism and hospitality for over 20 years, both in Italy and Australia, Matteo will ensure every element of your tour exceed your expectations, and he demands the same from everyone he works with.

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Tuscany Tours Team

  • Tuscany Tours

    Matteo Piccardi

    Owner and Director

    …I have had the opportunity to work closely with a couple of my managers who have mentored me and taught me a lot regarding running business and teams. As well as now having a solid knowledge base in these areas…

  • Laura Piccardi

    Co-Director and wife

    Laura is Matteo’s wife. The majority of her time is spent on her business, Uppy, a stress management and performance coaching business. She is also a professional speaker and bestselling author of the book…

  • Silvia Vecchini

    Licenced Historical local Guide

    …Hello everyone! My name is Silvia, I am a guide and an authorized tour guide in Italian and English. I am really proud to work with Tuscany Untouched Tours group and look after all the guests who wants to learn more about the art and history of particular location all over Tuscany…

  • Marco Valtriani

    Biologist Local Expert

    …Having earned a degree in biology from the University of Pisa, specialising in ornithology, Marco is a consummate environmental consultant and trekking guide…

  • Tuscany Photography Tour, Tuscany Tours

    Alfredo Falvo

    Professional Photography Local Guide

    …I have always been attracted to different cultures, and I satiate my curiosity through photography, travelling around the world, and meeting incredible people. I have worked frequently in Africa with UNICEF Italy…