The Rural Hamlet of Millepini was established in around 1000 AD with a few houses lived in by peasants and farmers working at Coccolo Castle with alternating historical and human happenings, Millepini continued life up to years following the second world war.

Rural Hamlet of Millepini


The rural hamlet of Millepini was established in around 1000 AD, with a few houses lived in by peasants and farmers working at Coccolo Castle. With alternating historical and human happenings, Millepini continued life up to the years following the Second World War.

Little remained of the thousand-year old hamlet and the surrounding countryside was abandoned by then, so the late 1990s reclamation work was based on respect for the environment and a focus on simplicity. The bio-architecture principles applied during the renovation have yielded a comfortable setting in tune with Nature but also sophisticated and elegant.

Don’t be surprised when you arrive at Millepini as the directions for the reception will lead you to an ancient chapel: your holiday is sacred for us.

Our choices…

Fascinated by the place, its high-up position and especially the breathtaking panorama, we decided to transform Millepini into an eco-sustainable and organic farm holiday centre that is comfortable and unique.
Respect for the environment and a focus on simplicity were the guidelines for our reclamation work.
The bio-architecture principles applied during the renovation gave us a comfortable setting in-tune with nature, so our Apartments and the Villa do not need air conditioning.

Rural Hamlet of Millepini

The pleasant breeze that wafts here is of great help to us.
Our apartments and the villa meet functionality, attractiveness and elegance criteria: the furnishings are plain and refined, highlighted by the many hand-made decorations that enhance the features of our houses.

We strive for great detail when taking care of you: the detergents at your disposal are organic, as are those we use for washing the linen. The electric appliances supplied, and also the bulbs, are low energy consumption, we carry out differentiated waste collection and we kindly ask you to help us in our effort to protect the environment we live in.
We have made the choice to do without televisions as we believe that only in this way may we truly appreciate the beauty and stillness of these places and their genuine value, time.


8 + 1 people, 190 m²

A sophisticated, elegant villa for a dream holiday!

Elegant separate villa with its own access and reserved car parking.
The farmhouse is surrounded by a large, exclusive garden (600m2) where you can enjoy lunch outdoors, have fun making pizza and baking it in the wood-burning oven, or savour a wonderful barbeque.
The villa is two-level: on the ground floor is a spacious sitting room with a fireplace and a roomy, fully equipped kitchen with dishwasher and washing machine. On the first floor, another sitting room with fireplace, four double bedrooms and three bathrooms.
A comfortable villa for guests who love being together.

Exclusive rental of the farm holiday centre

A dream come true…

For a special event, a family reunion, or simply for your dream wedding…

In the hills of Tuscany between Florence and Arezzo, we’re waiting for you at our farm holiday centre which offers different options, ranging from a romantic apartment for two to a separate large villa for your family. Relaxation and Nature, the perfect combination for rediscovering yourself.
Our facilities can accommodate 24-30 guests overnight, split between the Villa and the Apartments, and up to a maximum of 60-70 people on the day of your event.
The ideal solution for bringing your dearest friends and relatives together for a special occasion.
In August rental is by the full week only and from Saturday to Saturday, while 3 overnights stay are possible in other periods.
During their week-long stay, guests are offered a lunch or dinner prepared using the officinal herbs grown in our Aromatic and Officinal Herbs Garden.
Personalised catering by our partner suppliers and local assistance are offered.

Tuscany Tours Exclusive Rental


How to find time for yourself again..

4+1 people, 75 m²

This apartment is in the main farmhouse close to the pool and the children’s play area, and because of its position and type of apartment it is ideal for a family with young children or for a couple who needs more comfort and space.
Outdoors is a terrace with sunshade, table and chairs for dining while sitting comfortably outside. Going up a few steps gives you access to a spacious kitchen with a fireplacefully fitted with accessories and fully equipped (dishwasher included). Next to the kitchen is another relaxation area with a sofa bed and bathroom (with shower). Then there are two bedrooms, one of which is a double bedroom and the other is an attic room.

Nearby are the barbecue area and the organic kitchen garden with lots of seasonal fruit and vegetables at our guests’ disposal at all times!