Garfagnana region of Tuscany

Tuscany is known for a rich cultural and historical heritage that can be seen clearly even today. Every different region offers a unique, unforgettable experience and Garfagnana is a prime example of the rich offerings you can find. This gorgeous region has culture, history, scenery, and local cuisine that combine to make the travel experience of a lifetime.

About Garfagnana

Garfagnana is an idyllic land scattered with small towns, and sweeping landscapes, as well as hidden treasures. The plethora of towns come from historical territory disputes that ultimately led to a rich, and varied scattering of villages and hidden gems throughout the area.

Among the ample experiences include some surprising natural features, like the Wind Grotto, as well as Grotto del Vento, underneath the Pania Secca, with a stunning freshwater fountain as you enter.

Ideal itinerary

Grotta del Vento or “Windy Cave”

This amazing natural cave and grotto system, Grotta del Vento, is seated more than 500 meters above sea level. But, that’s not it’s only highlight. It’s saturated with unique rock formations resulting from acidic water.

With winding underground rivers and crystalline natural pools, this is one sight you won’t want to miss on your trip to Tuscany.


This quaint, historic town made a name for itself in the Middle Ages for its export of silk threads manufactured within the town and sent to major metropolitan centers. While only two gates remain, the Porta Machias and the Porta Reale, you can still visit the town for plenty of unique experiences.

From the historic city center, you’ll see the town’s heritage in its old buildings and landmarks like the Palazzo Podesta and Palazzo Balduini. You’ll also be able to tour around the town’s churches including Chiesa del Santissimo Crocifisso, which houses famous works of art. E

Eremo di Calomini

This location started gaining renown around the 14th century for the church St. Maria and Martyrs, although today is more famous for being the site of an appearance of the Virgin Mary to a shepherd girl. To protect this site, a hermitage was carved directly into the mountains where the Virgin Mary appeared.

This is a must-see destination for historical, cultural, and religious renown surrounding it. While it hosts Sunday mass year round, the hermitage can be visited daily if you go in the summer months.


This historical town is believed to have been a Roman fortress, named after a soldier of the same name. Even today, visitors can see the surviving feudal era architecture that harkens to a Roman style of building and design. Here you can experience plenty of authentic local cuisine, as well as local culture.

In the middle of summer, July 25th to be exact, the town celebrates the festival of the local patron saint. The festivities include local fair, a parade, and original paper mache parade floats.

Castello Verrucola

This castle has been around, according to the earliest historical record, since at least 1044 when it was Countess Matilde of Canossa’s vassal. In the years to come, it was constantly in new hands, featuring history and a sense of intrigue that will pique the interest of any visitor. Even those who aren’t history buffs.

Since the castle has undergone a complete restoration, this impressive architecture is not to be missed. Even better, this destination offers an added bonus. As the site that bridges Lunigiana and Garfagnana, travelers get an added experience in discovering Tuscany with a peek at another bordering region.

Borgo Mozzano

Here, you’ll find a gorgeous example of medieval architecture in the bridge that crosses the river Serchio. This historic bridge is an 18-meter tall bridge was built sometime in the 2nd century and served as a critical crossing point for pilgrims.C

As Result

This is just a small taste of the rich experiences that the Garfagnana region has to offer. No matter your interest, there’s a destination to be found here that exceeds your highest vacation expectations.

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