Sammezzano Castle in Tuscany

Sammezzano Castle

In the countryside of Regello, Italy sits a unique Italian palazzo within an extensive wooded estate called the Sammezzano castle. Steeped deep in history, this glorious castle is one of the grandest examples of Moorish Revival architecture in the world.

This castle was erected in 1605 and has a whopping 365 rooms. As if that wasn’t enough, each of those rooms is individually decorated with its own kaleidoscopic design.

A few times a year, the Sammezzano Castle is opened for group tours. Your once in a lifetime journey to see one of the most eclectically designed historic castles awaits you. Take some time to learn about the history and highlights of this palace.

About the Sammezzano Castle

Ximenes of Aragon was a Spanish nobleman who built the Sammezzano castle amongst the Florentine foothills in 1605. In 1853, this castle was inherited by Marquis Ferdinando Panciatichi.

Ferdinando, an eccentric man who was escaping Florence’s politics, was many things; including an engineer, an architect, and a botanist. He held no degree, nevertheless, he proved himself to be accomplished in all of these talents. Between 1853 and 1889, Ferinando fully renovated the palace.

Imported from California, he planted more than 200 sequoia trees along with over 135 other types of exotic flora. He turned this castle into his ideal retreat with color everywhere.

He hired artisans to assure that each room had its own extravagant design with unique names like Room of the Peacocks or Room of the Lovers.

The castle did not lose its loveliness after the Marquis’ death. Indeed, it was turned into a hotel during the post-World War II era. Many locals share prideful memories of weddings and other special events experienced here.

This, however, was short-lived – the hotel was closed and abandoned before the 1990s. Since then, this esteemed property has been purchased and is host to popular tours.


Breathtaking rooms with high ceilings and tall walls, balconies held up by twisting pillars, are bathed in color from the dancing sunlit reflections through stained glass windows.

Bejeweled rooms dazzle with precious gems while locally cut marble stands tall and strong. A magnificent high balcony overlooks the luscious green lawn. We know that this castle is an absolute must-see for anyone with an interest in Italy’s artistic heritage.


Make sure that you pack a good pair of walking shoes when you visit Sammezzano. When you arrive at the foothills of this fairytale palace, you will park and get out for a short hike to the castle.

The brisk uphill walk takes you through a lush countryside up to the tall California sequoia redwoods, each labeled with their own number. The Marquis’ talent and artistic gardening style can still be seen and appreciated today.


A stroll around the castle on cobblestone roads allow you to appreciate the old style and feel as if you are taking a step back in history.

Tour guides are highly trained and incredibly knowledgeable. They give just the right amount of information while still allowing you to stand in awe of the beautiful grounds and castle that stand before you.

The park itself is about a 40 to 50-minute walk, but organizers will provide a car for those with limited mobility.

The Sammezzano Castle

The enchanted whimsy of the castle can be seen by just a stroll through the park, but the real sight to see is the magic beyond the doors. Some rooms are ivory white with tall columns, while others are rich blue with golden trim.

The most popular room seems to be the Room of Peacocks with its high rounded doorways and scalloped rainbow mosaic tile designs that climb from the wall to the ceilings. This is just one room out of hundreds – and, trust us, words do not do this beauty justice.


The Sammezzano castle is a historic art piece made by a misunderstood visionary who was inspired by far off lands. Leave a piece of your heart behind in Italy’s most glorious Moorish architecture castle like so many others have. Book a quiet, intimate tour with us today and see the splendour of the castle for yourself.

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