June in Tuscany


Tuscany is a gorgeous vacation destination year-round. Beautiful rolling hills, great food, rich culture, and stunning views all make it one of our absolute favourite regions to relax and explore.

To get the most out of your trip to Tuscany, you’ll want to pick a time when the weather is favourable and the crowds are low.

Our advice? A Tuscany trip in June.  

Tuscany in June

June is the start of the hot summer season in Tuscany. The weather is warm, peppered by the occasional thunderstorm, and the landscape is in full bloom.

You will see golden colours in the hills, blooming fruit trees, and blossoming flowers – especially early in the month. Vibrant red poppies and other wildflowers will be growing in the fields. 

In the vineyards (which Tuscany is full of) you will see verdant vines and grapes just starting to grow. Towards the end of June is when lavender begins to bloom.

The weather in June can be very hot. We recommend short sleeves and light pants; cotton or other breathable material. You should, however, pack a light raincoat – it is not uncommon to see heavy afternoon thunderstorms in June and early July.

Culturally, June is a busy month; you are likely to spot a few festivals or celebrations going on wherever you are staying.

Why You Should Visit Tuscany in June

We love Tuscany in June for the lower prices and smaller crowds.

June is typically a sort of lull in the tourist season; people are more likely to visit in spring or later on in the summer. That means that hotels and accommodation will lower their prices, and there will be fewer crowds to get into important museums and cultural sights.

With fewer tourists around, you’ll get a much better taste of local cultures and lifestyles.

Not only is the weather nice and warm, but the days are longer in June than in any other month. You will be able to take a long tour, have an early dinner, relax at your hotel and jet out to the countryside all before the sun goes down.

It is also a perfect time to make a visit to the Tuscan coast – with fewer tourists around, you can make the most of the gorgeous white sand beaches and blue waters.

Highlights in Tuscany in June

There is so much to see in Tuscany in the month of June, it would be impossible to cover it all in this blog post. But we can give you the highlights of some of our very favourite June events.

Watching Calcio Storico in Florence

Calcio Sotrico is a rough-and-tumble game dating back to 16th century Florence. A little like a combination of rugby, soccer, and wrestling, it is tough to play but so much fun to watch.

Every year in June, there is a tournament between the four teams from the historical Florence neighborhoods. On the day of the final match, the whole city turns out to watch, in front of Santa Croce. It is a fantastic, historical event that you will not want to miss.

Wine Tasting in Lamole

Every year in early June, winemakers set up their booths in the town center for a very exclusive tasting. This is the best way to experience the top-quality local wines of Tuscany, and hear all about them from the makers themselves.

Medieval Festival in Volterra

Get a glimpse into history at this 14th-century celebration in Volterra. Watch jousting demonstrations, taste great food, and get to know the local culture at the roots.

At the end of the festival, the whole town gives homage to their local saints with decorative wooden candles on intricate wood structures.

Jousting Tournament in Arezzo

Exactly as it sounds, this event, which generally takes place in Late June in Arezzo, is a reenactment of a historical jousting tournament.

See knights in historical costume jousting just like they did in the Middle Ages (of course, with a little more safety involved)


To sum it all up, Tuscany in June is warm, lovely, busy, and what’s best – cheaper and less crowded with tourists than other months.

We invite you to book your trip with us today and learn more about the wonders of Tuscany in June from our expert guides.

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